Lock up

Yes, it sounds very obvious, but Burglars often enter through an unlocked door or window or take advantage of weak locks.  Make sure your doors and windows are locked and your locks are of a good quality


Don't leave tools around

Lock away tools and ladders, wheelie bins, anything that a burglar can use to break in.  Likewise cut trees and shrubs back so they can’t be used to climb or hide in


Keep your holiday plans offline –– don’t forget to tell the kids

If you are going to be away be sure to keep your travel dates off your social media networks. Whilst we all like to post our holiday pics sometimes it’s better to wait until you return home to do so. No matter how good your security is, at this time of year, this is prime information for those motivated, unsavoury characters!


Keep your ‘out of office’ message to ‘away from the office’

Whenever you are going to be away from work, keep your out of office message to that.  Never advise you will be out of the country on business or on holiday. That information can be useful to those wanting the things you have. With your name it is not hard to get your address, particularly if you are a director of the company


Notify a trusted friend or neighbour

Let your friend or neighbour know where you will be, how to contact you and get them to check your home and around your garden every few days, making sure mail is cleared and let you know of any suspicious comings or goings


Don’t advertise the Christmas gifts

Whilst it’s a lovely sight to share the light of your Christmas tree from your glass door or window – it also makes an alluring target for burglars.  And once the pressies have been opened, dispose of packaging thoughtfully – you don’t want to advertise to the wrong people, your newest toys


Post signs

An easy way to deter burglars is to ‘post security and surveillance signs’ around your home.  Make your home look like it’s tough to break into and many burglars won’t even try


Make it look like someone is home

If you aren’t lucky enough to have the latest gadgets that allow you to open/close blinds and turn lights on and off remotely, have a lamp or two on a timer and have your blinds closed if your friend or neighbour is unable to visit and close them each night

Also, ask your friend or neighbour to park their car in your driveway and use your clothes line occasionally


If you are going to be away for some time

Turn off your water supply – you will be surprised at how many people come home to a flooded home from a dripping tap and a blocked plug hole

Also arrange for someone to mow your lawns and keep your garden tidy