Whether you employ 1 or 1001+, business insurance covers all the professions and trades, manufacturers, retailers, landlords, hospitality, professional services, tourism and more

An understanding of your unique work practices and potential risks is needed to achieve the right tailored insurance option for your business. Done properly you can 'set and forget' until review time

And hopefully you will never have to call on it

Business Insurance Covers


Your business assets vary significantly depending on the occupation of your business. You need financial protection to assist with the repair or replacement of your assets should they suffer accidental loss or damage from a variety of causes

Assets like: 

  • Premises/buildings
  • Fit out – retail, workshop or office
  • Office contents
  • Stock, work in progress, frozen/refrigerated stock, stock in transit
  • Machinery, plant, equipment
  • Electronic devices – computers, laptops, phone systems
  • Vehicles – trucks, cars, vans, utes
Interruption to Your Business

Unexpected events can disrupt your day-to-day business operations reducing turnover and increasing costs. You may need to temporarily relocate or air freight parts from abroad. Your profit and ability to pay bills and staff may be impacted. The right cover should prevent the devastation of your operation

Protection is available for disruption caused by:

  • Damage to yours, your suppliers or customers assets
  • Damage to public utilities
  • Prevention of access to your premises
Your Legal Responsibilities

At the very least your business needs cover to meet your legal responsibilities to your employees, customers, your community, shareholders and the environment

Your liabilities may require even greater focus if there is higher risk of injury or your business puts members of the public at risk


As a landlord you need to secure good long-term tenants and maintain your property to ensure it is desirable and fit for purpose. Local Councils now have to identify earthquake prone buildings (EPB) and issue timeframes for remediation

Your insurance needs to include appropriate cover for your property as well as cover for the time taken to repair any accidental damage and find new tenants


Tradies all have one thing in common - the need to continue running your business no matter what happens

That can be anything from theft of tools to damage of your van or ute or to a client’s property. Worse still, an injury on your worksite, for which you may be liable

Having the right kind of insurance cover protects you and your livelihood and helps ensure your business keeps ticking along nicely

Construction & Engineering

Seven percent* average sustainable growth year on year in your industry adds up to increasing opportunities for your services

But the nature of your work means you are exposed to a number of hazards and risks daily. From damaged property to legal costs as a result of allegations of poor advice, faulty design, project mismanagement or health and safety breaches

Achieving the correct financial protection for your business is the best way to ensure your continued success

*Data from National Construction Pipeline Report (www.mbie.govt.nz)

*14% of all jobs throughout New Zealand are in your industry sector – that’s over 250,000 people. Manufacturing also produces *50% of our exports and a huge $450 million in research and development

Having the correct insurance and risk management advice is critical to ensure your business is protected and can continue to make such a positive contribution to our economy

*Data from EMA media release 13 September 2017
Tourism & Hospitality

As our country’s welcoming committee, how you perform ultimately reflects on all of us. You have grown our reputation and make us proud to be Kiwis, all the while facing increased regulation

Having the correct insurance solution for your business and its increased complexities is vital. You need to protect your assets, your reputation, any loss of bookings through an event such as fire and all the increasingly large number of regulatory liabilities to your guests or passengers

Why you need it

Your business is your livelihood, in which you invest a great deal of time, money and effort. At any time the potential risks to that business – such as accidental loss of stock and income – are far-reaching. Adequate and well-designed insurance cover is imperative to ensure all your hard work is protected

What you need to look out for

Are you giving advice?

Professionals designing products, offering advice or acting on behalf of clients require specific protection in case the product design or advice given is considered inadequate or incorrect. Defending actions can be expensive

Don’t leave yourself short

Inadequate or no insurance to protect turnover is a common and sometimes unrecoverable problem. 72% of businesses underestimate the turnover required and the time it takes to return to normal trading

Protecting your electronic data

Loss or theft of electronic data, be it yours or your clients, can threaten your business and often requires specialists to manage the recovery of yours or your clients data, and even your reputation. Check to see if your traditional insurance covers you

Directors / Non-executive Directors

Even if you are not aware of the company’s affairs you are still personally liable for your company’s actions and debts

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