Personal insurance has changed dramatically since the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes. Now, it is the homeowner who must assess the replacement value of their home. But most have no idea what the cost to rebuild their home or replace their contents would be and underestimate the amount required

Personal Insurance Covers

The Things You Love

We all work hard to achieve our desired lifestyle and possessions, from our home and precious contents to our toys - cars, boats, caravans, jet skis, bikes, kayaks, drones

These all need insurance protection. We may not be able to replace all your treasures and memories, but the right cover will ensure you are back in a position where you can create new ones

Your Income

At home or abroad, injury or illness can happen at any time. It can be expensive but worse, can impact on your ability to earn an income

There are many types of insurance to cover these sorts of eventualities from medical cover to loss of income and provision for your family. Let us assist with planning and advice to achieve adequate protection

Your Legal Responsibilities

Most of us know if we cause a car accident we are liable. How about our legal responsibility as a property owner? If that rotten tree on your boundary blows down and damages your neighbour's house you could be liable. Likewise, if you or one of your children crash your bike or skateboard into someone’s car, you could be held liable for their repair costs.

Liability cover will protect property owners against any personal liability from unintended injury or property damage

Why you need it

Loss of or damage to your home, possessions or vehicles is always traumatic. Whether it is a swift resolution such as a new laptop, or a major house rebuild, the right insurance protection provides a vital cushion that will ease the difficult times

What you need to look out for

Renovating or extending a home?

Don’t forget to insure for the building work, any damage that your existing home may incur during the build. Remember to review and increase your home and contents cover when alterations are complete

When does a house become a business?

You want extra cash so you use your rental as a Book-a-Bach or Airbnb. Should this become its permanent use you may not be protecting your investment without commercial insurance

Contents and your legal responsibilities

If you don’t have contents insurance you may be exposed. For example: if you or members of your family, say your child, hit and damaged a parked car while riding a bike, you are responsible. A contents policy will cover the cost of repairs

60% of homes are under-insured

Regularly review your insurance, you don’t want a shortfall if your home needs to be rebuilt. An average-quality home costs approximately $2-2.5K per m² to build. This is for a flat easily accessible site and excludes site preparation, landscaping and extras such as built-in swimming pools and spas

When you move house

Make sure your contents are covered while in transit from your old to new home

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