The rural sector is prone to risk from weather events, animal and crop diseases, accidents and environmental harm. These can make for tough times in an industry that generates a significant proportion of New Zealand’s export earnings and provides for the livelihoods of many kiwis

Rural Insurance Covers


Whilst we can’t help with the impact of such things as long, hot, dry summers on year-round feed supplies, we can help you minimise the impact of many other challenges by providing financial protection for your farm assets, livestock, feed and produce, whether that be milk, meat, eggs or your prize breeders


Consistently good crop production is a challenge and there are a number of risks such as climate change that you can’t control.  But you can implement protective measures such as hail and frost protection and windbreaks, to reduce the impact

Adequate financial protection is another important way to manage and reduce the impact of many of the risks your business faces.  This may be a fire in your packing shed, accidental damage to your cherry picker, machinery breakdown of your plant or machinery or an alleged breach of your legal responsibility under the Resource Management Act


The Kiwi wine industry is a real success story. Having overcome many early challenges and biases, and employed creative and innovative methods of wine-making, we now produce some of the finest wines in the world

Many of the challenges remain today – soil conditions, weather patterns, staffing, the strength of the New Zealand dollar to name but a few. Insurance isn’t one of them

We can provide financial protection that meets the many needs of your business processes from vine to cellar to table, and that minimises the impact a fire or an alleged breach in legislation may have on your business

Rural Contractors

As a contractor, you play a big part in the constant maintenance of land, so that it remains arable. Your role may cover planting, harvesting, bailing, hedge or shelter belt trimming, fertilizing, fencing, drenching or spraying.  Whatever service you provide, you need financial protection against accidents that lead to property damage, both yours and others, as well as the impact accidental damage to that property may have on your income. We can also help you protect against alleged breaches of your legal responsibilities


Your assets will vary significantly and represent a significant investment. You need financial protection to assist with the repair or replacement of your assets should they suffer accidental loss or damage from a variety of causes

Assets like:

  • Product – milk, wool, meat, velvet, eggs, honey, wine, fruit, vegetables
  • Crops – fire, lightning, impact, weather events, landslip, eruption, malicious damage
  • Livestock – loss, loss of use, vet fees
  • Accidental loss or damage to owner’s home/contents, farm workers’ accommodation
  • Farm buildings, fencing, 'pumps' irrigators, silos, bridges
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery and plant
Interruption to Your Farming Operations

Loss of income caused by any interruption of production means you can be caught short. You need cover to manage your risk, ensure you can pay staff and maintain essential production until your farm is fully operational

Your Legal Responsibilities

Worker accident, spray drift, milking shed damage, animals on the loose, water contamination… just a few of the potential liabilities with statutory obligations. The right cover protects your employees, community, shareholders, customers and the environment, owners, directors and trustees

Why you need it

There are wide ranging risks, most outside of your control. Insurance that fits your type of rural business – family farm, corporate business, trust, lease-holder – and protects your hard work and investment even if the worst occurs

What you need to look out for

On average 18-19 deaths a year

No matter how careful we all are accidents happen and the rural environment has a wide range of risks. Under the new Health & Safety Act, you and your company can be exposed legally and financially

Who pays for an unexpected event?

Wind carried a farmer’s crop spray to a neighbouring property, where it killed a recently planted crop. The neighbour's insurance covered the damaged crop and the farmer paid the cost of replanting

When the company is protected but you are not

Under the Resource Management Act a company and its directors were prosecuted when a stream was polluted. The directors faced ‘wrongful acts’ allegations. Public liability protects the company but a separate policy is required for the directors and managers in the event they are sued as individuals

Are you using a drone?

Drones are a great way to check livestock, fences, crops etc but what happens if they cause accidental damage? Ensure you are covered by specifically asking for drone cover which includes your legal responsibilities for their use


There is normally a size and value limit on pumps. If you are using larger more expensive pumps make sure they are fully insured

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