Moving people, property, products and produce comes with high risk. The cost of insurance can be significant. Incidents happen, they can be minor or devastating with resulting financial and emotional hardship. Claims can be complex so trust in receiving the right cover is paramount

Transport Insurance Covers


Accidental loss or damage, load recovery and alternative transportation for:

  • Trucks, buses, vans, trailers, utes, cars, classic cars, motorbikes, refrigerated, units…
  • Marine
  • Hull and cargo
  • Aviation, fix wing, roto-wing, balloons and drones
  • Agricultural – hedge trimmers, balers, topdressing…


Interruption to Your Business

Provides for loss of income through breakdown due to accident or event, cover for increased working expenses and preparation of claim costs

Your Legal Responsibilities

Everyday responsibilities include: your employees – many are on the road a lot, your customers, the community, shareholders and the environment

Some businesses require more specific cover such as tourism and aviation operators. They will have a high level of exposure which may include damage to the reputation of our country

General Freight – line haul, short haul or cargo

Whether you are the carriers or the owners of cargo, it needs to be delivered on time and in perfect condition, not always an easy feat with present day traffic conditions

Cargo owners need to make sure their insurance protection matches the cargo agreement – otherwise any accidental damage may not be covered

Transporters need insurance that is focused on keeping their vehicles and drivers fit for purpose with minimal downtime

Log Cartage
This growth industry demands rigs fit for purpose. Your cover needs to protect these valuable vehicular assets as well as acknowledging aspects such as specialist clean-up and repair work, and reduced time off the road

Owning, hiring or operating an aircraft comes with a higher level of risk than most other forms of transport. Whether you fly for business or pleasure you need to protect your aircraft, your customers and your reputation

Any breach of the rules regardless of how minor may see you closed down and facing greater scrutiny particularly if you operate in the adventure tourism industry

The right insurance advice will minimise your financial and reputational exposure in the event of an incident or accident

Logistics/Freight forwarding

Every day, you have to manage a whole chain of activities that ensures the seamless delivery of your product to your customers. Production, staffing, scheduling and transportation each have a part to play in the process and any can go wrong at any time

Your insurance cover needs to reflect these unique pressures and protect all the parts of the process against potential hazards such as a storage facility burning down or client’s property being damaged or lost

Day or night, in all weather, your job is to deliver the goods. You spend a lot of time on the road, under time pressure so you need insurance that delivers for you and keeps your business on the move

Why you need it

Almost without exception those in the transport sector operate exclusively on behalf of others. You will have Health and Safety measures in place to protect people and your business. Sweeney Townsend will ensure you have the right cover so you can continue trading and protect yourself and your business against the many areas of potential risk

What you need to look out for

When a damaged truck means loss of production

When you rely on a specific vehicle not only do you need to insure for damage but also the losses you sustain as a result of that damage. These can include lost productivity and income, costs incurred to accelerate the repair process and any associated hire costs

Accidents happen – in 2015, 58 people died in crashes involving trucks

Most people who die are other road users. If you or your driver are found to be at fault, the impact is serious. Adequate liability cover and policy limits are essential

Who is responsible for the cover of goods in transit?

Understand the level of insurance required, you don’t want to be liable for any shortfall

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